So how will this Zapien thing work?

It has been a month since we launched and you may have noticed a decided lack of content. The idea was to put this post out to let everyone know our plan straight out of the gate last month, but it didn’t go as planned. You may ask yourself why we are telling you all this? That will become clear at the end of this post.

So to bring some structure to this conversation, our idea is that we call out what you can expect from here.

Each month we will

  • Have an open discussion for expression of interest on future topics
  • Encourage members to provide their perspective on the given topic in relation to their area of expertise using hashtags such as #zapien #morehuman allowing our valued members to easily follow topics of interest
  • Share trending conversations so we can spread the word and engage with a wider audience to provide maximum value to the community with experts around the world
  • Vote for your favorite topic for the following month

And this is where we are going to start. Pretty sure it’s not going to be perfect and it won’t go as planned, but as with everything, you don’t learn if you don’t try.

So back to the comment above about us falling short of our initial plans and that you would understand why we started with that, well the reason is that the topic to kick of this grand experiment is: