Authenticity – Sep 2020 Wrap up

What an exciting month it has been kicking off conversations on the topic of Authenticity.  

Did we know exactly how this was going to turn out to be? Hell no!
Did we receive an overwhelming response? Absolutely!    

The word Authenticity, as pure as it can be, in all contexts, essentially is about being yourself. Far beyond the literature, we have had people from different walks of life, from varied professions, across the globe, resonating with it. 

We read and shared real-life personal stories of people portraying different perspectives on what authenticity meant to them yet connected to the very essence of it.  

Dan Truehl, in his short video, sent a key message to people to not be someone’s else idea of who they are supposed to be. Just being themselves open up so many doors in this world.

Similarly, Daniel Sorenson, in his post emphasised the power of just being human and owning one’s humanity. 

Gary Vaynerchuk and Kaushi Biddapa in their posts brought out the essence and importance of authenticity in one’s personal branding. Gary reminded us that one’s ”niche” as a personal brand is just being unapologetically yourself. Likewise, Kaushi sent a bold message that “Living someone else’s perception of you, is not your personal brand”. 

Mitchell Hunt, our co-founder, shared his authentic journey as an entrepreneur and his learnings along the way. 

Both Katie McManus and Simon Parsons shared a very personal experience and their realisation of how being simply authentic made them free, happy, and lively all over again.  

Lastly, with a lot of courage, Robert Hawkins, put forth a video, inspiring for many, authentic, and human all at the same time, to convey that imperfections are okay and acceptable. What is valued is to be authentic and that takes heaps of courage. 

Staying true to our vision of making Zapien a multidisciplinary community and think tank for skilled professionals, collaborating, and sharing perspectives on societal and business problems, this has been a great first topic to set the tone. We would like to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, and participation.  

Continuing on this journey further, we are thrilled to announce the new topic of conversations for the month of October. We encourage everyone to once again bring forward their perspectives and stories and share it with the larger community.   

Topic for October 2020 – #PROCESS