Process – Oct 2020 Wrap up

We started this month looking forward to intriguing conversations on the topic Process, bringing out the different perspectives people have, and sharing it with our members. It was indeed a great one once again this time.   

With a topic as big as Process encompassing so much information and many topics within, we managed to cover a wide ground realising it is not that cut and dry. It looks simple on the outside but has many variables and in the heart of which is organisational users for whom these processes are designed and implemented.  

Broadly, we looked at comparing processes and outcomes. Is the process only necessary to get us the outcomes making outcomes more important than the process itself? Let’s see how we find an answer to this question. 

A great article that Tiara Hines shared from James Clear addressing this question directly highlighted some interesting problems with outcomes being more important than the process. 

  • Problem #1: Winners and losers have the same goals. 
  • Problem #2: Achieving a goal is only a momentary change. 
  • Problem #3: Goals restrict your happiness. 
  • Problem #4: Goals are at odds with long-term progress. 

Next, Michael Fox highlighted in his blog a framework that is extremely helpful in getting everyone rowing in the same direction to achieve outcomes. 

  • Establish an architecture 
  • Establish ownership 
  • Establish responsibilities 
  • Establish a sustainable operating rhythm 
  • Evangelise and build relationships 

Furthermore, Chris R went on to point out that with the technological advancements today, mapping processes as is can provide a great way to get the benefits of standardisation and incremental data insights without having to go through full process engineering and change management. 

Lastly, Daniel Jacob Rayner highlighted how necessary a common communication understanding is in organisations particularly when it comes to process. 

To summarise, with the insights gathered this month, PROCESS remains an actual intricate part of the outcome being possible and arguably more important in certain circumstances. This isn’t a tug of war between process and outcome, it is a practice of integrating the strengths of both to achieving more together than one ever could with them separately. 

Like this time, each time we talk about a given topic, there is always a plethora of insights that come along from our contributors around the world driving our members and readers to retrospect and perhaps even pinpoint the challenges they face today and apply it in their day to day.  

Finally, as we conclude this month and enter a new month of new possibilities, we are excited to announce the new voted topic of the month. We hope to bring forward yet another month of exciting and intriguing conversations. 

Topic for November 2020 – #CONTINUOUSIMPROVEMENT