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Continuous Improvement – November 2020 Wrap Up

In November we dove into the idea of better and how small, incremental changes can drive us towards our goals.  Christian Klepp kicked us off by quoting Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw who tells us that;  “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  Kristen Cox refined that idea, who discussed the importance of focusing our limited time and attention…

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Process – Oct 2020 Wrap up

We started this month looking forward to intriguing conversations on the topic Process, bringing out the different perspectives people have, and sharing it with our members. It was indeed a great one once again this time.    With a topic as big as Process encompassing so much information and many topics within, we managed to cover…

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Authenticity – Sep 2020 Wrap up

What an exciting month it has been kicking off conversations on the topic of Authenticity.   Did we know exactly how this was going to turn out to be? Hell no!Did we receive an overwhelming response? Absolutely!     The word Authenticity, as pure as it can be, in all contexts, essentially is about being yourself. Far beyond…


So how will this Zapien thing work?

It has been a month since we launched and you may have noticed a decided lack of content. The idea was to put this post out to let everyone know our plan straight out of the gate last month, but it didn’t go as planned. You may ask yourself why we are telling you all…

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A Tale of 2 Perspectives: The Zapien Origin Story, A Side

What happens when a Systems/Digital Transformation Guy, decides to partner up with the “peculiar” Brand/Anthropology Guy?


A Tale of 2 Perspectives: The Zapien Origin Story, B Side

What happens when a Brand/Anthropology Guy decides to partner up with the “peculiar” Systems/Digital Transformation Guy?